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Electricity Bills Non-Commodity Costs

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This course details the non-commodity cost component of GB electricity bills. These costs have grown in significance and now form around 45% of the electricity bills paid by end consumers.

This course is is aimed at energy market professionals and large users of electricty wanting to understand more about the components of their electricity bills.

If you have already completed the Environmental & Social Policy in the UK Energy Market course, please contact me before ordering for a discount code as there is some content overlap.


So-called non-commodity costs now account for about 45% of the price paid by end consumers in their electricity bills. These are roughly equally split between environmental and social policy costs and network costs. Wholesale electricity costs account for just under 35% of the final bill with the bulk of the rest being the supplier’s operating costs and VAT.

Given the significance of these costs, it is important for businesses to understand what they are in order to be able to budget for them.

This course describes each element of non-commodity costs, detailing their purpose, how they are administered, and their expected future trajectories.


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